What does ‘Halal’ mean?

The word Halal is Arabic in origin and means ‘permissible’.  Halal is often used as a dietary guideline for Muslims.  It denotes something that is not only permissible but is also made with a higher health standard.


What makes most vitamins non-halal?  

Many popular vitamins such as One a Day and Centrum are not halal because they often are made with animal and/or alcohol products.  The most common ingredient in vitamins that is not halal is gelatin.  Most gelatin is porcine (made from pork) in nature.  It can also be bovine (made from cows) gelatin but rarely is it prepared according to halal standards.


Is gelatin haram?

Gelatin is a protein obtained from parts of animals such as ligaments, tendons and bones; typically pigs or cows.  It is used in many household foods and products including shampoos, cosmetics, Jell-o, puddings, marshmallows, oreos, yogurts, and many candies such as gummies. Gelatin is also used in many vitamins and supplements. Gelatin can be used as a coating or a capsule.  Softgel vitamins and gummy vitamins that have increasingly become popular are also made of gelatin.  It is important to read the list of ingredients on a product before it is consumed to assure it is satisfactory to eat.


Do Salam Vitamins products contain any gelatin?

All Salam Vitamins products are halal.  Currently we offer one product with halal gelatin (bovine), the Vitamin D3 5,000 IUs Softgels, The rest of our products are made from pectin rather than gelatin and contain no animal products.  All Salam Vitamins products are halal and most are vegetarian. 


Are alternative supplements such as Kosher Vitamins considered Halal?

Kosher and Halal do not directly correlate. Not all Kosher items are Halal and not all Halal items are Kosher.  The best way to determine if something is Halal is to look for the Halal mark as an indicator that it has been certified by an official certifying organization such as IFANCA (ours to arrive shortly, inshallah).


Why are Salam Vitamins gummies coated in sugar?

Salam Vitamins are made from pectin rather than gelatin.  Gummies made from pectin have a tendency to be more gooey and sticky.  The sugar coat helps prevent the vitamins from sticking to each other.  This is particularly important in hotter climates and temperatures.


Why is taking vitamins important?

The best way to consume vitamins is through a complete and balanced diet.  This is particularly important for growing children.  Unfortunately it’s not as easy as it sounds.  Whether it’s a parent’s busy schedule or a child’s stubborn eating habit that doesn’t allow us to eat the way we should, our bodies still need the same amount of vitamins.  Salam Vitamins is here to help.  Our gummies are kid friendly, tasty and easy to eat.  Rather than it being a chore, now you can look forward to vitamin time.


Where can I find Salam Vitamins products?

Currently, the two best places to buy Salam Vitamins are either here on our website or on Amazon.com.