About Us


Our story starts in 1983 in Lahore, Pakistan.  The Ahmed family began when two anxious and loving parents welcomed their boys to the world, the Ahmed brothers were born.  A few short years later after living in Pakistan, their parents moved them and the rest of the family to the United Stated of America.  The family eventually settled down in Utah where they live presently.  The Ahmed family left Pakistan, but took their culture, language, and most importantly their beliefs and values with them.  Living in Utah, the Ahmeds discovered it was a bit more difficult to follow a healthy halal diet.  From this problem, came a solution.  Salam Vitamins was established to make it more accessible and easier for Muslim brothers and sisters to consume halal goods.  In our case, vitamins.  


About US

Our name captures our mission.  Salam (سلام‎) in Arabic means peace.  We believe that one of the most important ingredients to a peaceful life is a healthy one.  All of our products are Halal (permissable) in accordance to Islamic law.  

The Ahmed brothers were confronted with a problem.  One day, the Ahmeds in an attempt to build a healthier lifestyle decided to supplement their diet with vitamins.  The result was frustrating when they could not find any Halal certified vitamins.  They had an idea and acted upon it. Salam Vitamins was born from one simple question, "Where can I find halal vitamins for my family?" Salam Vitamins is the solution.  We hope you enjoy.

Salam Vitamins: Healthy. Happy. Halal.