August 25, 2014


4 Keys to Fitness Success

Salam Vitamins teamed up with our sponsored athlete and professional trainer, Mohammad Oubeid, to bring valuable fitness advice to Salam Vitamins customers. 


#1 Ask Yourself Why

There is always a reason for which we do something; it’s what motivates us to continue on. Believe it or not this “reason” often determines how successful you will be in achieving your goal. When it comes to fitness it should always be you, you, YOU! Don’t get me wrong, it is okay to start living a healthier life for your children and family but YOU should be first. Your health directly affects every aspect of every single day. Regularly I ask my clients for their motivation “Why do you want to be fit and healthy?” Many of them say they want to get fit to impress a guy/girl or to prove their doubters that they are capable. I’m here to tell you that your number one motivation needs to be you!  You have one life. One chance to be on this planet. You are irreplaceable.  Before you begin your fitness journey, take a moment to write down the reasons why you want to make a change. With the right motivation and direction, you will see progress.

#2 Consistency & Patience

Remember the adage, “Nothing good comes easy.”  This law of hard work is invaluable.  I can stop right here and my message would be sufficient.  How does one get through school? How did you get that promotion? How did you achieve anything? Being healthy doesn’t happen in a few days or a couple weeks. Weight loss goals don’t happen over night.  Muscle gain goals won’t happen in a single month. One way to think about weight loss goals and the amount of time it will take to achieve your health goals is to think about the amount of days, weeks, and months that you lived an unhealthy lifestyle. How many weeks did it take for you to gain those 15 pounds? How long have you been eating unhealthy?  As an example, six months of consistently not exercising and unhealthy eating could require six months or more to undo or regain the health you once had.  However, it is important to note that if you are not living an active and healthy lifestyle and you want to start, you can notice immediate results in the way your body feels.  Weight loss, body sculpting, and other body transformation goals require time and dedication, but the journey to these goals is very rewarding and your body can feel immediate results; usually this is in the form of more energy, happiness, self confidence, and reduced stress levels. 

Remember, the key is consistency.  Being on a very basic program and being consistent with it will give you much more results compared to a very sophisticated and exotic program that is followed with inconsistency and low dedication. There is no such thing as an overnight success. Be consistent! Be patient!  In so doing, I guarantee you will see results.

#3 Do What Works For You

We are all different in our genetic makeup and personality. There isn’t a person who is exactly the same as you. Too often media paints a picture of how and what we should be and look like.  As an example, something that works for one person on Instagram may not work for you. Just because you see a ripped guy or a woman with a nice body advertising a diet or workout program doesn’t mean you will get the promised results.  Remember that these people that are modeling their fit body have been working on their body for a very long time. It’s is their job and life.  Most of us don’t have that desire nor luxury to work on our body full time.  Don’t compare yourself to others.  Compare yourself to yourself.  Give yourself achievable and regular short term goals.   Over time, those short term goals add up.  

My second point has to do with your diet. Your body will respond to food differently than anyone else.  Remember, you are different! The first phase of your fitness journey is to experiment and get to know your body.  Learn how your body responds to different diets and work out programs. Get to know your body.  Celebrate your body! No matter the shape or form, it is beautiful.  Always remember that.

#4 Have Fun!

There are thousands of fad diets. Too often these diets are unrealistic.  A diet that is unsuited to your personality and level creates more harm than good.  Make sure you don’t do something that you hate.  If you hate it, you will never finish.  Remember what I said about consistency? This is where it all ties in together. Make sure the diet and workout program appeals to you; most importantly that it fits your lifestyle. Unless you are trying to compete and be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger, you don’t need to put yourself through a rough time. It’s not worth it.  Speaking from experience, every time I have failed with a program it is because I didn’t enjoy it. It didn’t fit my lifestyle.  As an example, if you can only workout four times a week don’t do a program that requires six workouts in a week.  Same thing applies to your diet.  It is important to push yourself and go outside of your comfort zone, but don’t select a diet that is not achievable for you. Understand your strengths. Understand your weaknesses.  Understand your limits.  Do what you enjoy!  This will help you to be consistent.


These four keys will help you get the results you need whether you are a beginner or advanced. Ignore the infomercials that claim a “secret” formula with minimal time and immediate results.  They don’t provide lasting results and you will waste your money. The most important and foundational secret to remember is that of hard work.  This is the secret!

I just listed and explained four keys that I guarantee will get you the results you want for FREE! All it requires is hard work and focus. I believe in you, good luck!


Mohammad Oubeid

Salam Vitamins
Salam Vitamins


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